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Overcoming Some Issues on Conservation of modern Heritage in ASEAN

Reports and Workshop March 13. 2017 (Mon) 10:00-16:00
The 3rd mASEANa Project conference, 2017, Tokyo, Japan
Organized by DOCOMOMO JAPAN (mASEANa Project Committee)
Co-organized by The Japan Foundation, in Collaboration with The Toyota Foundation
Contact: info.docomomojapan@gmail.com (admission free) 
The essence of modern architecture as heritage in Asian and particularly Southeast Asian countries lies in its recognition. Within this one day
workshop, we try to evaluate and assess perspectives,
techniques, methods of surveys and inventories,
publications, and conservation approaches. Experts
from Japan, Southeast Asian countries, and others
will come together aiming to expand the limited
horizon of Modern Architecture Conservation and to
shake off existing modernist architectural stereotypes
in the region and beyond.